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MyScribe Medical is dedicated to providing your business with highly skilled professionals well matched to your unique hiring requirements and workplace environment. Whether you’re looking to staff full-time, part-time in medical, dental, pharmacy, accounting and finance, technology, administrative, and sales/marketing jobs, we can help you find the right fit for your team. To get started, fill out the form below or give us a call at 1.844.727.4231.

Four simple steps to hire

Step 1: Tell us about your hiring needs

Submit your job opening online in just minutes, or simply call us. Either way, our recruiting specialists will evaluate the skills, experience and corporate culture fit you require. We are 100% committed to finding employees who are the best fit for your company. Need someone today, or even weeks from now? No problem, we have you covered.

Step 2: Your staffing options

MyScribe Medical is known for providing a selection of highly skilled professionals, and our staffing professionals can provide you with temporary, part-time, full-time staffing solutions. Wondering how to make the most of your hiring budget? There is no cost until you hire, so let’s talk.

Step 3: Review and select candidates

Finding candidates who are just the right fit for your role is our top priority. We will provide you with your choice of well-matched candidates, and our recommendations will be tailored to the nuances of your role and business. Then, once you select the best candidate, we’ll coordinate all aspects of the recruiting process, working hard to ensure a smooth start for you and your new employee.

Step 4: Service and your happiness

Ensuring you are happy with your hiring experience is what defines MyScribe Medical. We are committed to the highest level of customer service, and we back it up with a satisfaction guarantee. Our communication, expert advice and recruiting support is provided on your terms, not just during the hiring process but beyond, creating a lasting relationship with you.

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