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Healthcare professional with extensive experience in medical field and applies knowledge of medical terms, procedures, medications and diagnosis. Serve as a doctor’s direct charting assistant, document each doctor patient visit, shadow the provider virtually.

MyScribe – Is specifically designed to support your evolving medical practice. We understand that EMR conversion and documentation is a burdensome administrative task which leaves patients feeling ignored, decreases productivity for physicians, and leads to down-coding and poor documentation by doctors who don’t want to be data entry clerks.

MyScribe Plus – Is a uniquely designed service for your medical practice needs aiming to help you ensure seamless patient flow and efficient patient care. Our specially trained medical scribe will help you document your dictations directly into your EMR and will unload you from additional administrative task such as sending faxes, referral letters, eRx, lab orders etc.

MyScribe Real –Time – A revolutionary approach to EMR conversion and documentation allowing providers to return to the patient’s bedside. Our specially trained medical scribe will help you document your patient’s notes real time while we listen to doctor/ patient convo.